JT Nails & Spa


Sunny Colorado

Soak your feet in a warm water bath with sea salt. Toenail trimming, shaping cuticle cutting, and heel scrubbing. Sugar scrub helps to exfoliate your dead skin. Relaxing lotion massage. Wrapping up with a hot towel and your choice of polish.

Fallin' for Fall

Includes Sunny Colorado Pedicure. Callus remover. A gentle massage with your choice of scent sugar scrub to exfoliate the impurities. Hydrating clay mask to soften and smoothen your legs under a hot towel. Followed up with warm parafin wax and a soothing massage. Finishing up with polishing.

Choice of scents: Lavender, Green Tea.

Lost in Japan

A long pedicure sesh with our fragrant Cherry Blossom which contains anti-aging agents. The scented scrub and mask will leave your legs and feet healthy, bright and younger skin. On the other hand, our aromatic Jasmine will tone and rejuvenate the skin and fat while uplifting the mind and spirit.

Maldives Deep Sea

Includes Sunny Colorado Pedicure Soaking your feet with pearl cleanser A deeply soothing and hydrating pearl scrub. Moisturizing pearl mask to soften skin. Wrapping up with a foot massage with a soothing moisturizing pearl lotion combined with hot stones while your feet are in warm parafin wax. Finishing up with polishing.

Mountain Herbs

Includes Sunny Colorado Pedicure. Herbal products are rich in natural ingredients.

Step 1: Soak your feet in soothing essential oil.

Step 2: Exfoliating your skin with our herbal gel base.

Step 3: Soothing your legs with a mixed herbal mask base under warm towels to regenerate the skin's softness.

Step 4: A short massage session with herbal massage oil combined with hot stones can bring you a wonderful and therapeutic way to combat stress.

Step 5: Herbal lotion helps to hydrate the skin to replenish lost body fluids combined with warm parafin wax. It will bring you soft, supple, and young-looking skin.

• Finishing up with polish.

Boujee Jelly

Include Sunny Colorado Pedicure. Soak your feet with a thick Jelly bath. Exfoliate your legs with a sugar scrub then wrap them up with essential oil. A short massage sesh with hot stones while your feet are in warm parafin wax. Lotion massage to hydrate and give back the skin softens. Finish with your choice of polish

Choice of scents: Lavender, Mint


Acrylic with Gel Color
$55 Full Set / $45 Rebase
Color Powder
$55 Full Set / $40/$50 Rebase
Pink & White
$65 Full Set / $40/$55 Rebase
$65 Full Set / $40/$55 Rebase


Finger Nails | Toe Nails

Regular Polish Change
$15 | $20
Gel Polish Change
$25 | $30
French Tips (White & Color)
$5 | $5
Nail Cut
$10 | $12
Nail Repair
$5 & Up | $5 & Up
Nail Take Off
$15 | $15
Paraffin Wax
$10 | $10
$5 & Up | $5 & Up

KID SERVICES (8 yrs & under)

$15 & Up
$25 & Up
Pedicure with Gel Polish plus
Regular Polish Fingernails
Regular Polish Toenails
Gel Polish Fingernails
Gel Polish Toenails
** Extra Length
$5 & Up
** Specialty Nail Shapes
$5 & Up

(Stiletto, Coffin, Almond, Oval)


Deluxe Manicure
$40 & Up
Deluxe Pedicure
$50 & Up
* with Gel Polish plus


No Charge:
Square | Squoval | Rounded
Charge $5 & Up:
Stiletto | Coffin | Almond | Oval

Dipping Color
Dipping Color With Tip
Dipping French
Dipping Ombre

* Shape $5

* Length $5


Under Arms
$20 & Up
$20 & Up
Full Arms
$50 & Up
Half Arms
$35 & Up
Full Legs
$60 & Up
Half Legs
$40 & Up
$40 & Up
$40 & Up
Bikini Area
$40 & Up
$60 & Up